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One UI 4 Performance and Other Issues

(Topic created: 05-09-2022 03:44 PM)
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Hi All

After installing one UI 4 and 4.1 shortly after waiting for a few months, I thought 4.1 would be issue free my Note 10 which I really like.

Unfortunately, lagging, battery drain, and overheating were the results, PLUS the camera boost brightness would no longer work.

After Clearing cache, I did a complete reset and still the camera was broken. I don't like the User Interface of One UI 4 either. I think one UI 3 looks more polished. 

After I had enough, I decided to check for ways to reinstall one UI 3 and with this step by step video I managed to do it, and I'm so happy once again. Everything works great. 

The process isn't difficult but you gotta make sure you select and download the correct software type. Take your time and do it. It's grossly unfair for us to go to a Samsung Service centre and pay to fix a phone that Samsung broke. 


Good luck! 


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Android 12
Yeah one UI 4.1 brought heating issues to my S21U that I wish I could figure out how to fix
Before 4.1, I could say, play games like brawlstars or world of tanks blitz and the phone would barely get hot doing those games. After 4.1 the phone now gets really hot doing those same things despite no settings being changed. Heck now whenever I restart the phone it gets really hot just from doing that. Never did this before 4.1
Android 12
OneUI 3 enjoyer spotted20220503_202815_56798_1651624095.jpg