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One UI does not fully support Android 12 emojis

(Topic created: 05-13-2022 10:10 AM)
Android 12

I wanted to use new emojis that come with Android 12, such as the salute emoji. For this reason I downloaded Google's Gboard. But it only lets me use standard Android emojis in some apps (such as Twitter). In most others only Samsung emojis are available.

What's more, new emojis are available, let's say, on Twitter. You can see them there and use them with Gboard. But elsewhere you can't even see them when somebody else sends them to you. I see no reason whatsoever why this should work in such a broken way.

Please give us the ability to change emojis to Android ones across the system and fix the way One UI (I guess that's the problem) works with them.

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Android 12
So for me I can see these newer emojis when someone else posts them & they look weird they don't look like the Samsung emojis they look like stock android... it's bothering me I hope they fix this soon