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Picture-in-Picture issues after update

(Topic created: 05-21-2022 07:33 PM)
Android 12


Since updating, I've had a couple issues with changes to picture-in-picture, the most important being ((note: "window" refers to the picture-in-picture window)):

- Swiping the window off-screen to the side now pauses it automatically. I tend to do that so I can listen without it taking up screen space, but now that's impossible. Is it possible to add an option for this?

Others are more minor, but still:

- Window cannot be swiped off-screen and placed in the top-right for some reason. Top-left is just fine, so no idea if this is an error.

- The rounded corners of the window make it less clear where I need to press to resize the window.

- Also, the window seems to move around a lot when resizing, which is... disorienting and very unhelpful (when resizing, I now no longer know exactly how it will look on my screen until I lift my finger and the window goes back in place)

- Double-tapping no longer goes back to the application, but instead... enlarges it? And the only way to un-enlarge it is to double tap again? Dragging corners will not work in this state. This has been... very confusing, as the resizing method previously used (dragging corners) suddenly does nothing in this state.

That is about all, that I noticed at least. Really bottom line, the auto-pausing is the only big issue, it removes a big portion of the feature's use for me

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