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Please add AM and PM back to the clock UI

(Topic created: 03-01-2022 08:02 AM)
Android 12

Not too long back there was update to some android devices that just simply removed AM/PM from displaying on the 12-hour clock. There is no reason that this should have been removed, it's necessary information, and i shouldn't have to look up what time it is when i've just woken up just to find it, it should just be right there on the lock screen like it was before. It's annoyed me nearly every day since it's removal, there have been several times where i've woken up and had to manually look up the time on google because i couldn't tell. One could argue that you could simply look outside and figure it out, and while that's partially true, it doesn't always work, the hours of 4, 5, and 6 look relatively the same whether it's AM or PM where i live (in the wintertime) and i can only imagine it's worse in some other parts of the country. Please add it back, it's such a simple addition but it helps a lot, there's no reason it should have been removed in the first place, there could even be a switch for any people that for some reason don't want it.

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Android 12
Check out ClockFace, which is a component of Good Lock, found in the Galaxy Store.

(install Good Lock first, then select ClockFace)
Cosmic Ray
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We shouldn't have to download a new app to fix what should be built into the phone by default. 😞 Samsung, please!