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S21 ultra camera problem (android 12, 1x-2.9x)

(Topic created: 01-02-2022 07:54 AM)
Pavlo Khomiak
Android 12

Good day!

 My name is Pavel (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) and I am the owner of the S21 ultra 512GB phone.

 I have a problem focusing the camera in a zoom range of 1x (default resolution when enabled) to 2.9x (Photo mode). Blurred picture. On the "video" - the same.

 It costs Android 12. Before Android 12, there was no such problem.

 By default, the camera is turned on in 1x zoom mode ("photo" mode), for example. In this mode, the picture is always blurry and it is much worse than in 0.9 mode. In the magnification range of 1.0x and 2.9x, the picture is always blurry and worse than in 0.9x or 3.0x and higher modes. At high zoom magnifications, the problem was not identified.

 Testing was carried out both in safe mode and in normal mode. I reset the camera, its settings and cache. I think all the options.

 The result is the same.

 Magnification ranges from 1x (default) to 2.9 are disgusting photo quality and virtually useless.


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Android 12

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