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Unlocked US S10e not receiving OTA updates in Canada

(Topic created: 05-21-2022 01:35 PM)
Android 12

I purchased an unlocked S10e from Best Buy in Canada and it ended up being a US version of the phone (Samsung support says it's originally from AT&T). It currently has One UI 3.1, Android 11, and the December 1, 2021 patch - all of which appear to be outdated - but attempting a software update on the phone says the software is up to date and Smart Switch also says there's no update.

I've spoken to 8 or 9 Samsung agents but none of them have been able to provide a solution and my local Samsung store said they "won't even touch" my phone because it's from the US. I know people will say to flash the new firmware with Odin, but I'm using a mac and Odin seems to be Windows-only. Is there any way for me to get updates on my phone?

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