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s10e 2nd Gmail account not notifying after android update

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 12:34 PM)
Android 12

My primary gmail account notifies properly with a "M" icon at the top fo the screen and an audio notification, but my 2nd gmail account doesn't notify at all.  But if I open that account, and new emails are there.  I've checked all the settings for that account, do not distrub is off, it isn't listed as an exception anywhere.

Does anyone have a solution?  This is a real problem since I'm now not seeing emails that are coming in.

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Black Hole
Android 12
Try doing few steps and see what can help:

1) Restart your device if you haven't.
2) Go to settings and scroll down to accounts and backup. Then manage accounts. Go you your Google account that is in question and see if sync is turned on properly.
3) Tap and hold on Gmail app icon and then on the pop-up tap on the "i" mark. Then go to notifications and then check notification categories. Tap each wording that you are interested in and this will open more options.