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Hello! Does anyone know how to join a beta program, or is it available at random? Also, does anyone know how to simply alert Samsung about glitches other than sending diagnostics?

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Hi @userNNaxkJRmvF 

you can apply the beta program at the bottom of this page Beta Program apply


Explore upcoming features through the One UI Beta Program Made for all our users, the One UI Beta Program is the chance to try One UI features before the official release. As one of the first to enjoy the new features and design, send us your feedback and see how it helps us create an exceptional experience.

The program is available for participants in China, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, UK, and the USA.
Step 1. Become a beta tester Download the Samsung Members application from Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store. After logging in, look for “One UI Beta Program Registration” in the home banner or notices page to apply.
Step 2. Update software Go to “Settings,” then “Software Update” to select the “Download and install” option. This will allow the software to update and load the beta version.
* Participation in the Beta program requires a Samsung account. Create an account at https://account.samsung.com/.
 ** One UI Beta Program is available only for certain devices, OS, and countries.       
   *** Beta Program period and compatible devices vary by country.
**** One UI features may differ depending on the devices used on the Beta Program.

hopefully, this will help with your question

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