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One UI 2.0 beta issues and feedback

Some of the issues I've had so far (and also redditor - Wanted to see if anyone else had similar problems. Feel free to comment with your specific issues too. I'll add it the general feedback in members app.

  1. Apps just randomly freeze and won't respond to swipe gestures to go home or exit. only way to exit is to pull down notification bar and press the settings button
  2. My phone and samsung account are registered with beta but when I open to the 2.0 beta app to give feedback, its says either my samsung account or phone isn't registered.
  3. My secured work email and apps (MobileIron) no longer function properly. Cant draft emails or setup new meetings
  4. I lost the notification from samsung smart things showing the bluetooth devices connected with 2.0 update. it was already bad when they got rid of the battery status if devices connected in the notification menu.
  5. When trying to access under settings/display/Navigation Bar/Full gestures/more options the settings app crashes. Have cleared data/cache of settings app, updated all apps both in play store + galaxy store, cleared the system cache but nothing seemed to work. Haven't tried a factory reset but if the problem persists after the official release I guess I would have no choice but to reset it completely.
  6. Bixby routines issues: Routines do not work as intended particularly "autoroation" when certain apps are open wouldn't work as fluently. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't. Also smart unlock when in certain area e.g. home or work wouldn't work every time.
  7. Automatic update for Play Store wouldn't work as intended. No matter how I set it up (both Wifi only and wifi/data) apps wouldn't get updated automatically while charging wirelessly.
  8. When searching "volume up and down keys" in the settings search menu, and press the suggested option below it takes me to gallery instead.
  9. When adding multiple apps into create a folder (more than 3 apps) under the app drawer the home screen crashes
  10. When using Android Auto, the music cuts off when the navigation gives directions and the music comes out of the phone speaker for a few seconds before the BT reconnects. This happens every time the navigation gives directions making it unbearable to use the app with music on.
  11. Autorotation doesnt work in some apps eg : Spotify

  12. Cant see what I'm typing especially on a long reddit post as keyboard obscures the cursor line


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: One UI 2.0 beta issues and feedback

Hello, could you send me a private message with the following information?

Samsung account

Full model code

Current carrier

IMEI of the phone

Serial number for the phone

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: One UI 2.0 beta issues and feedback

Hello there! I have heard back from my specialty team, would you mind trying the following steps for me one more time?

  1. Clear data and cache of One UI Beta App
  2. Remove samsung account from the device
  3. Reboot the device
  4. Add Samsung Account
  5. 5. Check if feedback can be provided in One UI beta App