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Some bugs on Android 10 and One UI 2.0

I have been experiencing One UI 2.0 for at least weeks and I would like to share some problem that I faced when I use it, some are ignorable while some really drive my nuts until I have to share these to all of you.

1.  The recent app view has some small bugs on the app locking feature. I have always been locking my WeChat on at the backstage all the time, it do show up a little lock icon at the right top corner of the app in recent app view. Howver, some apps will have that icon on their right top corner as well even I don't lock them. But those apps with lock icon weren't locked and can be just clear with a click, it is just kind of confusing that why is the app locked itself without I doing it, although it is just an icon, making me feeling meaningless of the lock icon on the app that I purposely lock.


2. Bluetooth connection error, I have purchased a pair of galaxy buds since last year and I am glad with this great product as it never show up any problem since I buy it until Android 10 and One UI 2.0. This is how it goes, most of the time I can successfully connect them by just opening the case of the buds, but only when my bluetooth is turned on. For a few times, I open up the case before I turned on the bluetooth of my Galaxy Note 9, sometimes it do connect it by automatically asking for connecting permission on my phone by switching on bluetooth itself. However, it don't connect at all when I open the case and take the buds out before switching my bluetooth on, it pop-up a message to ask me to turn on bluetooh call and audio settings which I can' t find it at all after the android 10 update, I have to put the buds back in the case, close it and reopen for it to function.


3. Animation bugs. As all of you know, One UI 2.0's animation are a lot more attractive than what we got on One UI. Unfortunately, there are still some small bugs and the windows may like skip or flash between apps when I open a second app immediately after exiting one app while keeping on backstage. Besides, until now I still don't really understand the logic of the operation of recent app view such as switching between recent apps. Sometimes swiping to the left will just work but sometimes it will reach the end and I cant swipe anymore, and another worse thing is Galaxy Note 9 dont get a navigation bar like Galaxy Note 10 on One UI 2.0, so if you want to use the app on the right side of the arrangement in the recent app view, there is no shortcut but to swipe up and view all the recent apps and then only you can find the app you want.


4. Apps killing logics, I am not sure if this is my misconception or it has really changed the backstage app logic. Now I feels like all the apps are instantly killed right after I exit them. I did not change the setting in developer option as it is still in standard limits on background progress. I know it might wants to make sure that the phone is always in ready to open or run some big apps in a moment which require huge amount of RAM, but what is the point of backstage app or recent app view if all the apps are instantly killed right after I quited. What's more, my phone come with a 6GB of RAM, wouldn't it too over to directly kill all the apps including the one that I've locked. I mean killing other non-locked app is understandable, but why my locked apps are also refreshed ??? It make no sense at all.

Conclusion, I hope that Samsung Software Engineer can see this and make those improvement as soon as possible. I am one of the die-hard Samsung fans and I have use few generation of Samsung Flagship model since years ago. I believe that Samsung are trying to serve us the best and thats why I wrote this report to point out some problem regarding One UI 2.0.

Thank you.