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This entire board is a mess.

This is the most disjointed and messy discussion board is have ever seen. There's no organisation at all and searching through it is ridiculous. Everything should be broken up by device and region considering we're all on different betas. Here in the US on unlocked S9 devices (G965U1 and G960U1), we're just in the 3rd beta while other places are on the 5th and it think I remember seeing that TMobile users in the US have started the beta...I think anyway. Also, the Beta App, which was meant for us to use to report and discuss problems, doesn't even work on my device. It never completes loading and I'm on the 3rd iteration of the US unlocked (Snapdragon) S9+. I've posted about issues here and on Reddit before but the only response are from people in different regions using different models. I'm not a computer scientist or a programmer but I am a scientist with programming experience and I don't see how you can try to lump all issues with all devices (S9, S9+, Note 9, S10, S10+, Note 10 and whatever else is in beta now) in multiple regions and on different betas versions into one place.  Samsung just doesn't seem terribly serious about the process or at least they have a big issue with organisation. I can't even imagine how hard it is for troubleshooting programmers to attempt to sift through the issues being reported without all of the specifics. I used to be part of a group that developed ROMs on Windows phones years ago and we literally kept everything separated and categorized even in our own discussion threads. 


Re: This entire board is a mess.

Agreed, I hope Samsung has plans to address these issues. The community section is definitely a mess, not very well organized. Smiley Sad