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Bixby Suggestions

Can Samsung make Bixby a bit better by making one time voice activation. Why do we have to say hi Bixby every time when we have to give some commands. Can it be like' if I say hi Bixby can you multiply 2 and three, bixby will give answer is 6 and after that Bixby should ask do you want anything else and start listening so we don't have to say hi Bixby again and again. #Bixby #samsungfedback @Bixby


Re: Bixby

That would be great  Similar to the Google home mini hub and mini speakers. It has a setting continued conversation that activates the microphone again for a few seconds after the first command is completed. When your finished we can let the microphone time out or use the keyword thank you to end the extended conversation  

Also this morning I installed 3 updates for Bixby. It would also be good if Samsung would move some of the Samsung apps installed to the updates page  After I installed the Bixby updates I looked in the all page and there was a smart switch app update. No indication that it was there.