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Galaxy S9 Snapdragon Should Allow 3rd Party Apps Camera 2 API 4k 60fps

The Exynos models allow it why can't the Snapdragon, even if you force a 5minute limit. it should be given to us. I had a samsung response during the beta of pie say it was going to come with PIE release. It is awful having to use the new Samsung Pie Camera app which removed a lot of good things from Android Oreo. Here I am trying to use FilMic PRO for 4k 60fps with the option of turning off OIS but sadly I can't go to 4k 60fps. Only 4k 30fps. Lots of 3rd party apps pretty much hindered by Samsung once again.  I have been with Samsung for a long time and since Galaxy s6 I noticed more locked features when Samsung used to be the pioneer of moding in Android. The Galaxy S9 will be my last Samsung Phone it is now too locked and even after Testing the Betas and Warning and suggesting fixes the S9 PIE OneUI still has a unfinished and glitchy look


Re: Galaxy S9 Snapdragon Should Allow 3rd Party Apps Camera 2 API 4k 60fps

It gets worse!! After the update to Pie the S9 no longer has video Pro Mode so filming 4k 60fps isn't really even an option on the native camera app since you can't adjust iso and/or shutter speed. Also, it seems the footage i do record in 4k 60fps can't be uploaded to my Mac or shared via Google drive since the update, where as before it wasn't a problem. iphone here i come!!!