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Latest Software notification volume

Ever since the latest software update for the S9 the volume controls have been horrible. Anytime I get a notification the volume is very low. I hardly ever know when I get a text or any notification....  also im far from a fan of the new quick reply design for sms messages. If I click it and reply why does it still show that the message is unread? I shouldn't have to click "message read" after doing a quick reply to it. And finally why cant we have quick views of notifications on our lockscreen anymore? It only shows that I have a notification and what it's from. I can't view the contents of it until I unlock my phone. And i have my settings set to view the content in my lockscreen.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Latest Software notification volume

I have the same problem


Re: Latest Software notification volume

My notifications volume on S9+ is turned to off almost every single morning. This must be a Android/Samsung software glitch. I use Do Not Disturb from 10pm to 7am but this in itself does not turn the notification volume to zero. I have checked throughout the night and the volume setting appears normal. Just at some point, this volume setting is set to off. Other volumes (ringtone, media and system) stay normal. 

I use a 3rd party messaging app, but there are many other apps that use the notification sound. It is very annoying. I can't imagine there is an app that could override system settings.