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Media volume with the Pie update

This update completely ruined the media volume on my Galaxy S9 +. There used to be a sliding scale of exactly where you wanted the volume before the update, I could set it ANYWHERE along that slider. Now the volume slider jumps 10 spots. So if the lowest volume is too high, which it is in really quiet places, the next lowest level is MUTE!!!

The lowest level JUMPS up in volume, unexpectedly, quite often. For no reason! 

It's really late, I'm trying to be discreet and the volume go blaring. 

To top it off, the Pie update got rid of the EASY drop down menu for access to ALL of the volumes on the phone. Now the drop down only has access to whether your phone is on vibrate, sound or mute.

Why fix something that wasn't broken? I can't use my media in the hours I want to because of this update.

This is insanity.