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New Software Update on Note 9

For the most part, the update is fine, but I haven't delivered into it too deep. What I have noticed is that my contacts are all invisible: I can see their messages but haven't got a clue as to who they're from. NOT OK! I've restarted my phone 7 times, still no change.  I do have a theme, but it's pretty basic and uses earth tones, which weren't  a problem before. If I have to get rid of my theme, or stop using any themes, I'll get rid of this and go to an iPhone. This is BS.


My battery is dying superfast now. Before the update, it would last all day, even while streaming music. Now it goes half the day and dies. Woohoo, what an awesome new feature. I let the dam thing die last night, kept it off,  and turned it back on this morning after charging. Been up and running for 30 minutes now,  and have already lost 6% battery, and have only just started using it. My guess: it will be dead by noon. 


Since the last major update, I haven't been able to have specific notification sounds for individuals or even texts versus email - didn't get fixed this time around, either.  In this ridiculous age of individualism, you would think Samsung would fix that.  And there is no work around, I've searched.


I understand updates are important, they often include security patches, but this is total garbage! Who tested this and said it wa okay to send out? Troglodites!


Re: New Software Update on Note 9

Same here, as well as losing my clock and the new icons which look like a 6 year old drew them.

My phone used to charge very quickly and now it takes forever but the battery drains quickly.

Go back to the previous version it was great!