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Opting out.

I would like the program to be changed to where you can set it not to run without having to log into a Samsung account.

I find it a bit wrong and disingenuous that one must log into a Samsung account just to set Bixby not to run, especially when you press the dedicated key. Also it is not enough to just log into account and set it not to run, you must keep a Samsung account on your phone or Bixby will reactivate at some point. It seems that long press events will launch it, and sometimes attack will launch it. This button is exactly where I rest my thumb so I'm always touching it and I don't want to use the system.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Opting out.

Give this a try to stop launching Bixby from the button. If you go to Bixby and press the three dots and you can toggle Bixby key by the button off.