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improvement in security for cell phone to avoid theft.

Hello its Haidar
i've been using samsung cellphones from many years.And recently ive been running samsung s8,from start till here i always see a flaw i may say security flaws.
from years cell phones are being snatched by robbers,no matter it is a cheap or a expensive cell phone it can easily be snatched and can be used by the robber
i know there are some ways to locate the cellphone using box details etc. but in some countries it is too hard to locate.
cutting it to short,i have a security plan for your company.
it is so strong that except owner of cellphone it is a scrap for any other person if he snatches it or founds from somewhere.without permission or security clearances from owner it is impossible to use that phone.
if we lost cellphone,even then it is of no use for anyone who founds it.
because owner is required to clear the securities even to 

A: change sim card or to open sim slot.

B: turn off cellphone.
I'll be waiting for your response in order to tell you details about my idea.
Thank You.

You can contact me at


Re: improvement in security for cell phone to avoid theft.

Thank you for your suggestions. We will forward this information accordingly.