New Proposed Samsung Theme Submission Process


New Proposed Samsung Theme Submission Process

Hello all,


I'm sure many of you enjoy Samsung's wonderful openness when it comes to customization of your phone. For me, its one of the reasons I choose Samsung. But recently, I've had an unpleasent expierence that has left my feathers a little ruffled so to speak.


First, let me give you the problem that sparked my little rant - 


For as long as I had my Galaxy S7, I have had the same modern looking theme. A couple of months after downloading it, it was removed from the Samsung Themes store (this little detail is important because the publisher would no longer provide updates). No biggie, I had downloaded it so it wasn't removed from my possesion. Now flash forward to the Android 8.0 update that came out in June this year for AT&T customers. My theme was pretty messed up. You might be thinking, why not get a new theme? I could, but why settle (do what you can't, am I right?). Recently, I began to do some research on how to create your own theme (for some refrence, here is a link - I was quite disgruntled when I found that I had to go through a lenghty application process just to download Samsung's Theme Editor. I was so upset that I decided to make this fourm post about the topic. Based on others' descriptions of the process, it seems as though it is very, very hard to get accepted.


Now for my solution - 



First off, two things have to be realised. I am not the CEO of Samsung. This is only a suggestion for how I wish it worked or could work in the future. I am also not mad at the requirement to be verified to be able to post content. I realise that Samsung has to have a certain level of quality control. But my main complaint is that I can't use their own program to create my own themes for personal use. Like I said, I am ok and would rather them have a filter process for the store but having the option to create your own theme and apply it to your own phone would be awesome.


So how would this work (in a perfect world)?


You can download Samsung's Theme Editor and create your own theme. Once completed, you can export it as a .zip file (all the icons, colors etc are inside) and transfer it to your Galaxy phone. In the Samsung Themes mobile app, an option to upload your own theme would exist. You can then upload the .zip file to the app, and boom, you have your own theme. Up until this point, your theme would be private and only for you. If you want to submit it for other people to use and download, you must send it to Samsung to review and approve or reject before it is able to be posted on the Samsung Themes store for others to download and use. 


I'm curious as to what you guys think of this. Maybe it's just me that wants this but based on some other forum posts I'm not the only one disgruntled with Samsung's theme review and creation process.