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Upgrading a Chronos Series 7 with an SSD

Hello. I have a Chronos Series 7 laptop NP700Z5C-S01UB. In April I went to swap the internal HDD with a SSD. I first used a program called CASPER to clone the HDD contents onto the SDD and then swapped the disks. But I was getting the below message (see print screen).


I have ghosted and swapped HDD and SDD drives often using my other computers (all Windows 7) and never had a problem.  Does anyone know how I should proceed with this?

The unit came with Windows 7 and was upgraded to Windows 10 for free while Microsoft was still offering Win10 for free.  So I don't have physical media. 

I did try a few things like putting the Win10 iso on a thumbdrive but nothing worked at the time. So if you can provide the proper procedure, I will start from scratch.


Note that when I put the original HDD back in, the laptop boots up as normal.


To be clear, I'd like to clone the contents of the original Chronos HDD (which had been upgraded from Win7 to Win10 duringthe "Microsoft free upgrade" period) onto a new SDD and swap the disks.