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860 EVO commissioning

Windows 10, latest updates installed

The C drive is an 860 EVO, has been for a while.  There is a  D drive where all my data is kept.  A second Samsung 860 EVO was just installed to replace the standard D drive.

Start Samsung Magician and it recognizes the new drive.  I cannot find any method of formatting the new drive.

Start Samsung Data Migration.  It wants to copy my C drive to the new drive.  It does not provide any option to change the source.  It does not provide any type of navigation tool.

Start Windows explorer, the new drive is not shown at all.

So,…, What are the steps to format this drive and copy all my D: drive data to the new 860 E

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 860 EVO commissioning

For all-solid-state drive questions, please either email or call 1-800-SAMSUNG and choose option 7 for SSD support. The SSD support team is available M-F 9 AM - 9 PM. Thanks!

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