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Cosmic Ray

Any configuration tools for pen sensitivity on Galaxy Book Flex Alpha?

Coming from a surface pro, I'm very dissapointed with how the pen tracking works on the Galaxy Book Flex Pro alpha. This model does not work with the S-pen, but works with Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) "active pen" devices. 


The digitizer is a Elan 902C, but I can find no information about it whatsoever. The surface has several configuration options for sensitivity but the surface app does not run on this laptop. 


Compared to the surface, the pen hover must be closer before it registers, the pen must be pushed down harder before the touch registers, and worst of all the tracking is very slow and lags behind the pen as it moves, as if it is trying to remove jitter by averaging previous locations.  It's pretty bad.


1. Is it possible that a configuration tool will be released to improve this?


2. Are there any technical specifications about the Elan 902C digitizer that could be shared?


Thank you

Cosmic Ray

Re: Any configuration tools for pen sensitivity on Galaxy Book Flex Alpha?

I still have this problem.  Specifically I have noticed that there is a flaw in the digitizer and I cannot tell whether the cause is hardware or software (i.e., the digitizer firmware): 


Steps to reproduce.  Open the laptop screen completely flat (so you have access to the keyboard but can also draw flat.


Try to draw straight lines or circles with an MPP pen.  The lines will jump erradically.  This will not happen when the laptop is not fully open flat, but really flat is the best way to use the digitizer/stylus as this laptop cannot be used for long in tablet mode without getting hot because the screen blocks the fans on the bottom of the case.


Will we ever get a BIOS update that might fix this issue? 

Will we ever get digitizer/stylus configuration/settings tools? 


This device was shipped loaded with S-Pen software despite the fact the laptop doesn't support the S-Pen, only MPP pens.  It has been a while since there have been any driver updates and the BIOS is really bad (missing most anything useful).  It really feels like Samsung doesn't care about the Flex Alpha any more.  


Sorry if I sound defeated.  This laptop has the potential to be great, but it feels like the bios and lack of software support are holding it back.