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Battery - Why is it so bad?

(Topic created: 11-10-2022 07:10 PM)
On school days I only use Chrome all day for assignments or the occasional YouTube video. I usually start the day with around 92% and then it drains all the way to 35 - 30. I'm turning on power saver, lowering screen brightness and keyboard backlight and it does nothing. For example look at Nov 7 

All days there was a large spike down was a school day except for (Nov 10)

Any Ideas on how to improve? 
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Some fixes.

  • Try to update your Chrome browser, it might be the older version was causing the issue.
  • Try not to open multiple tabs, when not in use.
  • You can disable some unnecessary extensions to save some battery.
  • Try to stop Chrome running in the background, because if its running in the background, then it can consume massive amount of battery.

At last, if these steps didn’t help you in fixing the problem, then try using another browser like Microsoft Edge.