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Bluetooth audio droputs - Galaxy Book Pro 360

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I get audio droputs when connected to different bluetooth devices: a couple of speakers or a bluetooth audio receiver. Just 1-2 seconds of silence at irregular intervals, it can happen like twice in a minute as an average.

Both devices work without problems when connected to my smartphone, it's definitely a problem of the Galaxy Book. What can I try to solve it?

Galaxy Book Pro 360, 15", i7, 16GB


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Software updates of course should be done first. Then I recommend deleting all the connections completely then start reconnect as new. Now during using them make sure your Bluetooth is off on your phone and any other device that shares the connections so they don't auto contact and cause the drop and also make sure your device battery data ect savers are off and allow to run in background weather the screen is on or off. And lastly the number one thing that causes this besides interference is app notifications the pause happens when any notification goes off form your devices unless you set them off