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Change Laptop Function Keys Default

(Topic created: 06-28-2021 06:38 PM)

I have a Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha, 13", 512GB, Mystic Black

I also had the original Flex Alpha. I love this laptop and form factor but one cheep software upgrade would make this Laptop nearly perfect. There seems to be no way to default the Function keys F1, F2, F3 ... F12 to their [Fn]. 

In most Windows laptops that function key row is set natively to default to the media controls, Screen brightness, etc when you start the PC. I these machines you have to hit Fn+Alt+F4 to close an open application for example. This is ok for a laptop and other OEMs seem to have gotten on board deciding most users have more use out of media/ screen controls than the F1 key. 

What I would like is for a way to default the the F(number) row to the media/ screen/ display output controls. Yes I know the Fn Lock key exists but that does what I am asking for the F-Number keys but also defaults the up, down, left right keys to Pg UP, PG Dow, End, Home. For my work I need those keys to remain curser direction and the F-Number row to default to media controls. 

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