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Re: Chromebook plus touchscreen only works with stylus



First off, I really like my Samsung Chromebook Plus V1.  I purchased it last year around December and really enjoyed using it.  I recommended this to a co-worker and he ended up purchasing two V2 (one for himself and one for his wife).  He experienced this issue after a week of ownership.  For him, this occured after he tried to use a wireless mouse.  But he powerwashed and was able to get it to work again.  So I didn't think much of the issue...


But half a year into owning my Chromebook, the same issue showed up on mine.  I thought I can just powerwash it and I'd be fine.  So I delayed doing that because I had a lot of configurations and applications installed (in Linux) at the time knowing that the simple solution of powerwash would've resolved it.  Since this Chromebook gave me such a good experience, I purchased a second Chrormebook over the Black Friday weekend and decided to powerwash my Chromebook Plus.  Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue of the touchscreen not working.


As with other users stated, the stylus works fine.  I've spent the last two days searching for possible solutions and failed to find one.  This doesn't seem to be an isolated incident and I really hope Samsung can provide the proper solution.  I see a lot of frustrated users out there that isn't getting the support to resolve this issue.  I suspect that the problem may be some setting change and not hardware given that the stylus works.  Samsung, please provide support.