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Customer support has completely failed me

(Topic created: 04-13-2022 12:35 PM)
Cosmic Ray
I'm at a loss for words as to how awfully I've been treated by Samsung customer support recently. I placed a pre-order of the Book 2 Pro 360, only to have the incorrect product delivered. At first, I did as I was told: return it, wait for a refund, and then place a new order. The problem was this was a pre-order deal, gone by the time the refund was processed. I asked for help and was promised a price match plus promo code for my troubles. I thought that was fair... Except it was rejected. Promise after promise from customer support, all ending in failure and rejection. The cart for the new order wasn't even made by me, so now I'm stuck in $600 over debt and Samsung doesn't even have the kindness to sort this out. I've never been so abused before by a company. You've stolen money from me and lied. I wish I could ask for my money back. But you don't care about your customers. Insane. I wish I had never ordered this in the first place. Your support is the worst imaginable and you should be ashamed. 
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I would suggest to, File a formal complaint with the BBB and FCC. That way they can investigate the issue.
Customer service is abhorrent. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and all Samsung offered in response was a 5% credit. Absolute joke.