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Extremely disappointed!! Order delayed for Pro360 and S Pen not covered under insurance for Note20

(Topic created: 09-19-2021 05:43 AM)

I have been a loyal customer since 2011. Lately, I was disappointed by two separate events from Samsung that I'm starting to wonder if I should stay a customer. The first was when my Note 20 ultra s pen was broken and Samsung care+ refused to replace it because it was considered an accessory and not covered by insurance. The second event was when I canceled my order of Galaxy pro 360. <hidden>. Extremely disappointed in the shipping delay. The order was made on the 14th to be delivered on the 17. I had to pay extra for expedited shipping. I called customer service and they promised it'll be delivered on the 20th. Now it shows it'll be delivered on October 4. What kind of operation is this? If you are trying to hurt Samsung's reputation you don't have to do more than that.

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