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Facing issues with Samsung galaxy book flex alpha

I recently bought the Samsung galaxy book flex alpha and have been facing issues with the keyboard.

For example, once I just was about to use my laptop, and I noticed that the keyboard lights started to flicker continuously. If I pressed any key It would flicker again. Turning off the keyboard backlight brightness did not work. The only thing that worked was a restart. 


Next example,  the Caps Lock key is supposed to light up when on, but right now it doesn't switch on at all when you click.


This issue happens rarely but does happen. I have noticed when the battery is low when anyone is typing with the keyboard. Sometimes it suddenly pauses in the middle and continues after 1-1.5 seconds. 


All of these issues are immediately rectified if you just restart the laptop


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Facing issues with Samsung galaxy book flex alpha

I'm sorry to hear that, if this still occurs after a restart the next thing you could try is a factory reset of the computer, if you decide to go this route be sure to back up any and all data you may have. If this does not fix this issue then depending on how long you have had this you may be able to take it back for an exchange or refund. 

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