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Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 - Black Screen & Red light

(Topic created: 04-10-2022 08:35 PM)

I have had the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 for less than a month. This morning I turned on my laptop to do some work and had no issues. Later in the day, I go to turn on my laptop and nothing happens. Thinking the battery was dead, I plugged in the samsung charger it orginally came with, but nothing happens. 

I try a force shut down (holding down the power button), holding down the power button then pluging in the charger and continuous holding down the power button for a couple seconds, plugging it into an external monitor that it has previous worked with, and resetting the video driver (Ctrl + Wind + Shift + B) and nothing works! 

Despite it not being plugged in, the LED operating status is a constant red light—meaning it is "charging". 

PLEASE HELP! I am a graduate student that relies heavily on my computer to complete my school work. 

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Disconnect charge
Hold power button for 30 seconds
Connect charger
Press power button only for 1 second