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Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 Screen Hinge Issues

(Topic created: 06-30-2022 07:28 AM)

Received my brand new Samsung Book2 Pro 360 with 1 TB of memory, Intel i7..etc When I pulled it out of the box I noticed the hinge on the left is slightly bent/off. 

I own an S22 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung 65-inch television, Galaxy Watch, and basically the entire Samsung ecosystem. I'm a fan, at least I was until the lackluster support I received today from E-Commerce. 

1 hour on the phone with the first rep, she said the product is OOS and I would need to wait for more to come in, and I just need to return this device. This is fine, but the deal I got is not being offered now and when I asked if she can price match the offer I received from Samsung last week when I ordered the device she said "yes" and hung up the phone. 

another hour and e-commerce said I won't get the same deal and transferred me to Samsung support just so they transfer me back to E-commerce. 

I just need to know how common of an issue is this? is the screen prone to breaking and cracking as easily as the gen 1 Galaxy book? 

and why Samsung can't just send me a new device, so I use this one till they send me the new one. I am in school, I need a computer. 

This entire experience has forced me to question future purchases with Samsung. It seems it is time I move on, I expected more for a loyal consumer. I hope someone can help me


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Community Manager
Community Manager

I can definitely understand how frustrating this may be. I believe this particular issue may require service. In order to be certain, I would like to gather additional information and look at this from a case-by-case basis. Please provide the full model code and serial number of the device as well as your best contact phone number, name, and email


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