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Galaxy Book 4 Ultra 64 GB DRAM 2 TB SSD: (when) will it be available for purchase in USA?

(Topic created: 03-01-2024 11:18 AM)

This configuration is promoted in product press releases.  It's also mentioned as an available configuration in articles from numerous well-known personal computing / tech. websites serving US readership without mention of geographic market restrictions on that availability, though a CNET article (Samsung Galaxy Book 4 AI-Accelerated Laptops Available Now, Starting at $1,450) lists only 16 GB / 500 GB and 32 GB / 1 TB configurations as being available in US effective 2/26/24.

Samsung Android Shop app and US website's webstore do not show the 64 GB / 2 TB configuration.  My web searches only show this configuration available in Hong Kong, and I saw a Reddit poster observing the same.

Anyone know when/if 64 GB / 2 TB configuration will be made available in US?


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