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Galaxy Book Flex 2 Alpha - Shipment delay

(Topic created: 10-25-2021 02:35 AM)

I ordered the black Flex 2 Alpha on 9/03 with an expected delivery date was 9/15. On 9/12, I inquired about my order and was informed that it's backordered, and should now expect my delivery on 9/28. I reached out again and my "inquiry was sent up to the fulfillment team and I should expect and update in 3-5 business days" as told by 3 different reps. The next expected delivery date went to 15 oct, again i went for inquiry and next expected date went to 26 Oct. Today is 25 Oct still no shipment information. almost 2 months have gone and still no sign of shipment.

My question for Samsung are:

1) why do customer care reps and even supervisors lie or be so irresponsible?

2) I saw that the product came back in stock three times since the date changed for me. Why would samsung take more orders if they haven't fulfilled the previous one and did they fulfilled them first as those prices were higher than the once placed on week of labor day

3) Now that it's only selling window 11  Galaxy Flex 2 Alpha how they are planning to full fill the order for  Galaxy Flex 2 Alpha with the window 10  version?

My thought is that Samsung will only fulfill the labor day order if they have a surplus Or they will just let the order stay and wait for customers to cancel them so that they are not blamed.

Very unprofessional attitude by Samsung.

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