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Galaxy Book Flex Battery Life



Two days ago I received the new 15" Galaxy Book Flex. Charged it to full and started using it. Since then, I've noticed in doing nothing but internet browsing at 50% screen brightness (battery saver mode ON) and I'm getting maybe 6 hours. I did notice the the "estimated" battery life the computer showed was just all over the place. At 90% charge it would show 3 hours, then 5 hours, and then 7 hours and alternate randomly like it couldn't predict how long the battery would last. In actuality it lasted 6 hours.


So today I did the battery calibration by booting into the BIOS. From full charge with only the screen on (in the BIOS...) I got 5.75 hours before the battery went from 100% to completely dead.


Please tell me this is not normal? What are other uses seeing as far as real-time battery life? Aside from calibration, which I've done, and lowering screen brightness, which I've done, I don't really see any alternatives aside from shipping it back. 6 hours at 50% brightness in battery saver mode, no videos, no music, no games, just web surfing is not acceptable.




Edit: I do want to add that I did do all Windows updates and Samsung Updates (including a BIOS update) prior to battery calibration.


Edit 2: Calibrated, recharged to 100%, and this is what I'm getting. What the heck? 



Re: Galaxy Book Flex Battery Life

My battery drains real quick