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Galaxy Book Pro will not start after system updates

(Topic created: 07-26-2022 11:43 PM)

I recently (4 month ago) purchased a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro though the Samsung Shop app and picked it up at Best Buy.  Since then I have had 3 system updates. The first two times, the computer would not start. When I opened it up, the computer would act like it was starting up and then would shut off. This went on for almost 24 hours of checking and rechecking to see if anything changed. I even started a service request but somehow it just started working again. The 3rd time this happened I went through the process of attempting to restart it for almost 72 hours using every suggestion provided in both official and unofficial forums. Except this time it eventually just quit even attempting to start. I was able to get a service ticket for the computer and just sent it in for repair - 4 months into owning it. 


Here's the kicker...


I am an active duty servicemember stationed in Okinawa Japan. The post office on base will not ship it due to the lithium ion battery. So I took it to a Japan Post office and paid nearly $75 to send it to a Samsung service office (fortunately the USD to yen conversion has improved drastically within the past few months or it would have cost nearly $100).  As you know, the cost of shipping is on the customer even when the device is under warranty. 


This is what bother me...


I am heavily dependent on that computer for both work and personal reasons. I am now without a computer for up to 2 weeks.  I would like to ask Samsung to consider an upgrade option to the Galaxy Book 2.  I am willing to pay the difference in the upgrade cost but the current trade-in option is not agreeable based on the cost I've paid for the Galaxy Book and the extensive issues within the first 4 months of ownership. (Of course to even qualify for the trade-in, the computer need to actually turn on). I currently don't have faith that the repaired and returned product will not need further servicing based on its past history but I'm assuming if it is returned in working order I will have to make the decision on taking the chance that the next system updates will go smoothly without incident or to take the monetary hit to my account to trade it in for another model. Any help would be appreciated. 



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