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Galaxy Book UI 4, Feature Ideas or Samsung Laptop Feature (suggestions)

(Topic created: 11-11-2021 04:42 PM)
1. Revamp the entire Tablet Mode on 360. Now, it is the worse tablet experience I've ever had. Finally just picked up a Tab S7. Really wanted to use my 360 as a tablet. Make it more like DEX, instead of DEX as an app.  For a true Android experience since the apps slready work full screen. Like a virtual machine experience. 

2. The Note App, needs landscape mode on a tablet laptop taking full advantage of the screen real estate. Not user friendly on a 360 pc. SNote from back in the day was much better.

3. Make the Samsung Members app available on 360 models with full pc check up available. Self testing al your components after Windows throws out a horrible update is essential.

4. Samsung Voice Note add the convert to text feature shareable and able edit in Samsung Note and other apps. 

5. Screen Recorder make the narrator window just a little bigger. Add a few more shapes. Or some Live Message features.

6. Air Command menu, give the smart select tool the exact same functions as on Note phones and Samsung Tablets.

7. Much better integration with Samsung Cloud using the Gallery App instead of OneDrive. It is insanity to be signed into the Samsung Cloud Account and then have to sign in yet again and agree to Microsoft's terms of agreement. Especially when creating proprietary copyrighted artwork. And, OneDrive does not let you use a vpn before uploading so the Gallery App is useless for content creators with a large library of their own proprietary artwork.

I should be able to use it with folders same as the Samsung Note app only with pictures. The Gallery App should be the exact same experience across all Samsung devices. Right now, not well laid out, wasted white space and extremely confusing. I have at least 100k pieces of artwork on my 360 laptop i would like to keep organized as i do on my Note 20 and Tab S7. So whatever device i am creating on all devices connected have a copy.

8. Samsung Pass, can you add the money features to the 360 as on your tablets? I would prefer using it or the Samsung Pay feature wallet than using my credit cards or PayPal, as another option.
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