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Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 13" i7 worth it?

(Topic created: 11-16-2022 09:24 AM)

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about getting the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 on Black Friday. Because only the i7 version is reduced in price, I think I will buy it instead of the i5 Version. But I have some concerns. I have heard that the laptop gets hot, because it only has one fan, especially the i7 Version. I do not necessarrily need 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of ram (the i5, 256 GB storage and 8 GB ram of the i5 version would also be fine for me, but of cause the i7 version is better and cheaper because of the sale). I ask this because I found nearly no reviews online featuring the 13" i7 version of this laptop and I am afraid that the i5 version is better in terms of heat management and batterylife because the i7 uses more power doing the same tasks. Does anyone now how good the 13" i7 version works in comparison to the i5?

Thank you for help!

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The i7 is essentially a higher clocked i5. Same cores and threads. Your computer uses dynamic scaling which means depending on the workloads will scale up if it needs to or down if it doesn't. Both processor should perform very close to each other in most metrics. In some cases a higher clocked processor will use less battery life because it can finish the task quicker. So battery life should be very close. You would only have higher thermal values on the i7 if you were really pushing it for extended periods of time. Having more ram will also help with speed.

If I were you I would get the i7. It is cheaper and better. The differences between the two processor in most cases is pretty small. Personally I would want the extra ram and storage.

Heat would be an issue on either processor and mostly depends on how well Samsung cools the cpu. A smaller size will mean that cooling is more constrained but it would be very similar in both processor but at least with the i7 it will finish faster and if it throttles it should still perform better than the i5.