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Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 - Design Flaw/Cracked Screen

(Topic created: 06-13-2022 07:43 AM)

My BRAND NEW Samsung Book Pro v2 360 laptop screen cracked just sitting on my desk (closed) plug in to my docking station.  It was not touched, sat on, hit or did it have any other incidents that would have caused the screen to crack.  I completed the service request online and was informed it would be covered by the manufacturer's warranty....as it should have been since I owned the device less than a month.  I sent in the laptop and was called by the service center to tell me they would be charging me $450 to fix the screen.  I was outraged and astonished.  I was told I needed to call Samsung to have them cover it which I happily did.  The first person I spoke to said yes, this should be covered by Samsung but needed his supervisor's approval.  The supervisor denied the warranty coverage.  I then asked to speak to the supervisor, I was placed on a 5 minute hold and the supervisor got on the call and told me there was nothing he could do because "the machines" at the service center said the screen damage had been done by a person.  Curious, I asked him what "machines" could tell him this....he responded he used to work at the service center and "they have the best machines" but didn't know what they were called or how they determined damage.  I then asked for the supervisor's name....he started to tell me his name and hung up on me.  I know the call "dropping" was not on my end because I was greeted by a recorded Samsung message asking me if I was satisfied with my call.  Please review the recorded call and you will see that I am telling the truth.  I have bought Samsung products almost exclusively for 15 years and will not be doing so anymore.  To me, this is a scam....many people have commented on your message boards about the same issue and treatment with these laptops.  The 360 laptop book is supposed to be able to swing fully open to be used as a tablet...and yet the screen cracks by itself while sitting on a desk closed?  Samsung tells customers it will be covered only to bait and switch them once the service center has the laptop in hand and tell customers they will now need to pay for this out of pocket or receive the broken laptop back.  I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about my experience and will make sure people are aware of the treatment provided to customers on BRAND NEW devices that are obviously a manufacturer's design flaw for the device being so thin.  $100 Amazon tablet screens don't crack...how does a $1700 laptop screen that is meant to rotate into a tablet crack without being touched?  I would welcome someone from Samsung to call me and explain why a loyal customer has been treated so poorly in this case.

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