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Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 defective MicroSD reader

(Topic created: 01-19-2023 11:20 AM)
Hyper Chick
Cosmic Ray

I purchased a Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 on Dec 6th directly from Samsung. The MicroSD slot is defective. The card won't lock into place. I've been going back and forth with Samsung for over a week trying to get my laptop fixed. Samsung is saying it's covered under warranty. I live in Florida so there isn't a local repair center near me.  This is my work computer and Samsung wants me to mail them my laptop. They are telling me the turnaround time is 2 weeks. I'm trying to explain that this is my work computer, and I cannot be without it for 2 weeks. Also, I have sensitive information on it, and I cannot allow it to be out of my possession, unlocked. I'm also not willing to wipe all the data off it to mail it to them for repair. That is an enormous amount of work especially since I don't have another computer. I've been trying to get this taken care of for a week now and have been on the phone today for hours. I keep getting transferred from department to department. I have spoken to the warranty, tech support and e-commerce departments. I had a supervisor in the e-commerce department who promised me she would not place me on hold. The next thing I know, I'm transferred to mobile tech support. I'm beyond frustrated. I'm ready to send this back and just not pay my Samsung finance bill.  Can anyone here help?

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