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Galaxy Book2 Pro default keyboard doesn't recognize very specific hotkey combination.

(Topic created: 11-14-2022 02:55 AM)

I am a translator, and so use keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys often when dealing with text. I recently bought a new computer, Samsung's Galaxy Book2 Pro 15''.
It has a very peculiar problem. The following specific key combo (which I use often to mark text) does not register: RShift+Ctrl+Left Arrow.
This only happens with this specific key combo. Any combination of two of the keys works fine. Any alteration (LShift or the numpad left arrow) works fine. RShift+Ctrl+Right Arrow works fine.

RShift+Ctrl+Left Arrow works fine on an alternative keyboard I connected. It also works fine when I press any combination of the 3 buttons that isn't the whol set on the default keyboard, and then the remaining key on the alternative keyboard.

It doesn't seem to be a software issue or the hotkey being bound elsewhere, because the keyboard combination works with other keyboards.
However, it also doesn't seem to be a hardware issue, because each individual key and each sub-combination of keys works fine.
I am truly at a loss, and I don't know what to do or how to begin solving the issue.

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