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Galaxy Chromebook Touchpad Frequntly Stops Working

(Topic created: 10-02-2021 01:42 PM)

All of a sudden my 14 month old Chromebook has the touchpad periodically (and frequently) stops working. Started noticing it when i was in a zoom session and it started bouncing around and automatically clicking around the screen without my interaction. Now it periodically does that, but i can be using it for 5 or 10 minutes and then it stops being responsive - either i can't click or move the cursor around, or i can just scroll but the pointer won't move. Basically the device is unusable. Tried and external bluetooth mouse and that helps, but when the touchpad goes funky it might start clicking or moving around by itself.

Other people seem to experience this. Samsung - i know i am out of warranty but it sounds like you have a common defect - I didn't spend $1k on a Chromebook to get a year use out of it....


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