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Galaxy Notebook Pro 360 charging - how to stop charging from another type-C device?

(Topic created: 10-22-2021 02:59 AM)

Hi. I have the 15" Galaxy Notebook Pro 360  and is connected to an external display via the built-in type-c port. I notice that the external display is actually charging the notebook which I don't want (a. it's charging very slowly and probably not good to the Galaxy battery, and b. it drains the external display's own battery so fast that even if I connect a charger to the external battery, it drains dead the display...).

I asked the external display manufacturer and they said I cannot stop the display's type-C port charging any external device. Can I ask if I can configure the Galaxy so that it won't get charged from a particular type-C port? Or anyone has a brilliant idea how I can resolve this problem please?

Much obliged.

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