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Galaxy Pro 360 External Monitor Issues Adding

(Topic created: 10-24-2021 10:58 AM)

I bought a Galaxy Pro 360 last week and am having issues adding an external monitor.

I have tried a new HDMI USB-c 3.0 cable directly into the laptop as the manual suggests and this does not work.

At first, I have also tried a HDMI- HDMI cable into a new Totu hub. That didn't work so I then bought the HDMI USB -C as stated above.

I don't think this should be so difficult. This issue should have been vetted before the laptop was put out on the market.

I tried the Samsung chat box and got no where. Typical response--did the cables work in another device, download all the drivers again....

To me it seems the system just wants to look for wireless monitors.(????)

I have until Friday to return this laptop. 

Does anyone have another suggestion without me spending big bucks? It seems docking stations that could fix this are rather expensive and most aren't even available. I fear if I buy one, that won't work either.

Another issue I have is with my mouse. Odd, it lets me use it only if wireless, if I use the cord it will not work.


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