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Ideas for features that we should have on the new Galaxy book pro and book 360

(Topic created: 05-22-2022 11:33 PM)
I think it will be great idea to have a GOOD LOCK app dedicated for the Galaxy book laptops dedicated for Windows customization features to make the galaxy book stand out over the competition with all these brand new features like you can do on a Galaxy phones and tablets BUT FOR WINDOWS 11 also it would be great to have desktop version of the Samsung internet browser app and to be able to pick up where you left off like you can between Galaxy phone and tablet devices when you go to recent and you get to click on upper top and it leads you exactly where you left off and also bring some of the Samsung widgets and be able to set them on your desktop like you can on your mobile device it's just some ideas that I think Samsung enthusiasts just like me would like to have I love the fact that you have Samsung dedicated settings in my Galaxy books 360 pro and also the capabilities to be able to move the mouse cursor from my Galaxy book to my Galaxy tab S8 as long as you're connected to the same Wi-Fi and quick share also is great features although I've been having some issues when you try to transfer files between your tablet and your Galaxy book although I haven't had any problems when I try to transfer files between my Galaxy tab S8 ultra and my Galaxy s22 ultra using quick share  BUT I'M ABLE TO DO SIMILAR THINGS WITH SAMSUNG FLOW AND LINK TO WINDOWS but I hope the issue will be fixed soon 
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