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Is PM893 SATA 512e (?) model, 4kn convertible?

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I have a PM893 SATA SSD 7.68 TB model, namely MZ7L37T6HBLA-00A07.

AFAI understand from the output of
SeaChest_Lite_x64_windows.exe --device PD{DriveID} --showSupportedFormats
command, this drive is 512e (logical 512 bytes, physical 4096 bytes of size of blocks) but not 4kn (or 4096 byte logical block/sector size) convertible.

I fail to know or find any other tool to check if drive's logical block size is convertible to 4096. (In Windows, fsutil can only be run if drive has a file system format and drive letter; and will only report logical/physical block size.)

Is there anyone to either confirm or negate this info?

860 Pro 4 TB
870 Evo 250 GB
970 Pro 1 TB
PM893 7.68 TB SATA
Story Station Plus 1.5 TB
Story Station Plus 2 TB
Story Station 3.0 2 TB
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