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Major problems playing sound over Bluetooth (Galaxy Pro Book 2 360)

(Topic created: 07-08-2022 11:30 AM)

I have been going crazy (and spent many hours) troubleshooting this, so far without luck. Here's the problem.

With one exception, sounds never play from my Bluetooth earbuds or headphones. I see no errors anywhere (device manager, etc) but I simply can't play sound.

The one exception is if I go into Skype -> Settings -> Audio/Video and leave that page open (which means my webcam is on). Loading that page does "something" that allows sounds to play to any Bluetooth device (with another qualifier - see below). But I need to open and leave open that Skype page - if I close it then sounds stop playing within about 10 seconds.

I do not believe this is a Skype issue since I have the same issue with Skype uninstalled completely from my laptop. Skype just seems to gives me access to a page that appears to resolve the problem, but obviously I don't want to have to do that all the time (my webcam is active with this page open, for example).

The qualifier is that sound played when I have that page open is TERRIBLE - really tinny and not something I would want to listen to. Then, for no reason that I can detect, it will randomly start playing at full quality.

All in all, this is a major frustration and having reinstalled and check drivers, Windows 11 updates, etc I have no yet found a solution.

In case it helps, this problem started happening about 6 weeks ago. I do not know of any specific changed that caused this.

Anyone have any suggestions.

PS : I have a ticket open and await a response from Samsung. Their first response was for me to send the laptop in for "repairs" but that is a big hassle and I am VERY confident this is not a hardware problem.

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Hope this helps.



As to the quality of sound, ensure that you have Dolby Atmos turned on.
I keep getting an error from my device manager it keeps disconnecting my external speaker . What can I do ?