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More Powerful Galaxy Book Flex and Ion

(Topic created on: 1/16/21 10:13 PM)
The Galaxy Book Flex and Ion are undoubtedly some of the best looking and well made laptops I have ever seen and used; however, while they are good for light productivity,  they lack the power necessary for higher end tasks that content creators need to get the job done. I believe that the addition of a high end graphics card would provide ample graphics performance for the majority of tasks such as video editing and even some light gaming. I would love to see this improvement on the next versions of these galaxy books as well as an option for 1tb nvme storage configuration on the website. Giving content creators the tools they need will undoubtedly increase the popularity of these already amazing laptops.

Another change that would be welcomed by most would be the reduction of the bottom bezels on the laptops. Not only are they unnecessary, but they look out of place on such sleek and modern devices. 

Seeing as these are Samsung laptops, they need to communicate seamlessly with other galaxy devices and while Microsoft has done a great job with Samsung integration, there are still a few features that Samsung could add on top of Windows for an even more effective ecosystem. 

First would be the integration of Samsung's QuickShare feature found on galaxy phones and tablets. This would make transfers of small and large files simple and fast through a wireless connection. It would also be a more attractive option than having to always go into the YourPhone app.

Second, allow the seamless connection and switching feature from Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live work on Windows 10. If I open my buds case, a prompt to connect should appear on my Galaxy Book just like on my other galaxy devices. This would make Galaxy Buds the go-to earbuds for nearly all Samsung users.

Lastly, when I am on a web page on my galaxy device but I switch over to my Galaxy Book to continue working, there should be a pop-up in the Taskbar of the web page I visited from my Galaxy device.
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