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My Samsung odyssey hmd + is flashing a red light.

The problems started when I first plugged in the headset, it refused to play any sort of game and it glitched so that there wasn't a setup screen. Not only that but it was making a dreadful static noise. So I went online and saw a forum that told me to unplug, uninstall, restart and plug in again. After doing that I plugged it back into the computer and finally got a setup screen, here it required a firmware update. I pressed update and it started blinking a green and red light in the middle of the headset, it froze at 15%, and started only blinking a red light. Ever since then it won't update, it won't work and more importantly it's not even seen as a device by my computer. All the drivers that should be there aren't, in device manager it doesnt exist, furthermore there are no error codes. I tried updating it again and again but the best result was a crash with again, no error code.   Please help.