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Notebook 9 pro NP940Z5L incorrect blue color, looks like a bit turquoise

(Topic created: 09-13-2021 01:36 PM)

This laptop has a gorgeous 4K display, but blue color looks absolutely unnatural. It looks like a little bit turquoise. I bought this laptop off ebay and was really disappointed by its color inaccuracy. When started to google for such a problem found reviews on the bestbuy website that many people face such a problem when they bought a new laptop (when it was new, it's a skylake CPU generation) and Samsung provided the LCD fix that solves this problem. I contacted Samsung support chat, the guy was completely incompetent, I asked to escalate this case and after a week received a formal reply that I can repair it with Samsung service. But this problem - just the bad color calibration and it could be fixed with software patch, I don't want to pay for the display replacement triple price that I've paid for the laptop. I believe it could be fixed with the color calibrator, but I can't find such service in my area. What I've done - installed different versions of Windows 10 - 1803, 1909, 21H2. Installed Samsung Update, updated all drivers and software. Updated BIOS. Nothing helped.  turquoise samsung.jpgI added mine photos with this laptop and mine another Samsung Notebook 9 with normal color  accuracy.

Link at Bestbuy's reviews ,the first shows similar to my problem and in discussion some people wrote... 

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