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Notebook NP530U4

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I have this Samsung laptop with black screen when turned on. Fans are running and you can see the front lights on for WiFi, battery and power, but the screen is off and won't show anything at all.

This started after opening the HDD bay and removing HDD and the RAM stick, putting them back and trying to boot the laptop. The laptop was disconected and off when they were removed, but I might have failed to press the Emergency Hole with a clip before doing this.

Things I tried:

- Pressing F2, F4, F8, F10... to start BIOS on boot.

- Cheking the AC cable that seems to be OK and well connected.

- Connect to another monitor with HDMI.

- Start with a bootable USB.

- Start with no HDD connected.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'd be willing to replace HDD and/or RAM with new ones, but first I'd like to try anything else. Also determine if motherboard etc are busted so I just don't waste any effort...


Thank you.

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